*Prices may vary based off of design*


Round       Feeds          Traditional          Specialty 

  6in             6-8                $21.50            $23.50

  8in           10-12              $28.50            $30.50

 10in          18-20              $40.50            $45.50

 12in          30-35              $53.50            $58.50

Sheet Cakes           Feeds         Traditional          Specialty 

1/4 Sheet                20-25            $40.50              $45.50

1/2 Sheet                45-50            $75.50              $86.50

Full Sheet               90-100          $130.50            $140.50

Tiered Cakes        Per Slice         Specialty 

                              $5.00             $5.25

Cupcakes            Traditional           Specialty 

                             $2.75 each          $3.25 each 

Katie Cakes          $2.50 each         $12.00 per dozen 

Cheesecakes         Traditional         Specialty 

6in                            $20.50             $22.50-$24.50

9in                            $28.50             $30.50-$34.50

Vegan and Gluten Free Cakes:

Round           Feeds            Traditional           Specialty

6in                  6-8                  $26.50                $28.50

8in                 10-12               $34.50                $36.50

10in               18-20               $47.50                $49.50

12in               30-35               $61.50                $63.50

Sheet Cakes        Feeds         Traditional         Specialty 

1/4 Sheet             20-25            $47.50              $52.50

1/2 Sheet             45-50            $87.50              $98.50 

Full Sheet            90-100          $142.50            $152.50

Tiered Cakes           Per person            Specialty 

                                   $5.50                   $5.75

Cupcakes                 Traditional             Specialty 

                                  $3.25 each           $3.75 each

Cake Flavors 

Traditional                                 Specialty 

Vanilla                                     Hummingbird 

Chocolate                               Pumpkin

Funfetti                                    Marble 

Coconut                                  Banana 

Lemon                                    Carrot

Almond                                   Red Velvet 


                                               Black and White



Traditional                            Specialty                       Pudding/Mousse/Fruit

Buttercreams                       Cheesecake                   Coffee

Strawberry Compote           Cannoli                            White Chocolate

Chocolate Pudding              Fudge                             Nutella 

Chocolate Mousse               Raspberry                       Peanut Butter

Vanilla Pudding                    Curds/Mousse                Almond 

Vanilla Mousse                     Lemon                             Caramel

                                             Key Lime                         Raspberry 

                                             Orange                            Strawberry

                                             Passionfruit                      Apple Compote 


                                                                                      Mixed Berries 



Traditional                            Specialty 

Vanilla                                  Cream Cheese Frosting 

Chocolate                            Chocolate Ganache 

Strawberry                           Whipped Cream 

Almond                                 Fudge 

Orange                                 Caramel Buttercream 

Lemon                                  White Chocolate Buttercream 

Specialty Cake Combinations 

Almond Amaretto Cream Cake- vanilla cake, almond mousse, amaretto buttercream, dripped in white chocolate 

Almond Joy Cake- coconut cake, fudge filling, almond buttercream with shredded coconut

Ambrosia Cake- vanilla cake, fresh strawberries, oranges and pineapples with vanilla pudding and buttercream 

Apple Cake- vanilla cake, apple compote, vanilla buttercream with caramel drip  

Bailey's Irish Cream Chocolate Cake- chocolate cake, Bailey's cream pudding and chocolate ganache

Black Forest Cake- chocolate cake, chocolate mousse, cherries and whip cream

Black and White Cake- 2 layers of chocolate cake, 1 layer of vanilla cake, vanilla and chocolate pudding with vanilla buttercream 

Cannoli Cake- vanilla cake, cannoli filling, buttercream with chocolate chips 

Chocolate Cannoli Cake- chocolate cake, cannoli filling, fudge and buttercream 

Chocolate Mocha Latte Cake- chocolate cake, coffee mousse, buttercream then dripped in chocolate 

Chocolate Raspberry Mousse Cake- chocolate cake, raspberry jam mousse and ganache 

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cake- chocolate cake, strawberry mousse, buttercream drizzled with chocolate and topped with fresh strawberries 

Coconut Raspberry Cake- coconut cake, raspberry mousse, vanilla buttercream topped with shredded coconut

Cookies and Cream Cake- chocolate cake, chocolate pudding, cheesecake, vanilla buttercream, with a  white chocolate drizzle and Oreo bites 

Cookie Monster Cake- vanilla or chocolate cake, fudge, cookie dough frosting, dripped in chocolate and topped with chocolate chip cookies 

German Chocolate Cake- chocolate cake, pecan coconut filling with chocolate buttercream 

Hummingbird Cake- pineapple, banana, coconut and pecan cake with a cream cheese frosting 

Key Lime Pie Cake- vanilla cake, key lime curd, buttercream with lime wedges and graham crackers

Lemon Coconut Cake- coconut cake, lemon curd, buttercream with shredded coconut 

Orange Cream Sickle- vanilla cake, orange mousse and orange buttercream 

Lemon Raspberry Naked Cake- vanilla cake, lemon mousse raspberry jam with fresh raspberries and a vanilla, lemon, raspberry buttercream 

Lemon Blueberry Cake- lemon cake, lemon curd with a blueberry compote and vanilla buttercream 

Marble Cake- marble cake, fudge filling and buttercream 

Molly Brown- chocolate cake with fresh strawberries and bananas, vanilla mousse and whipped cream 

Peanut Butter Lovers Cake- chocolate cake, peanut butter mousse, Reese's with a chocolate ganache

Pecan Caramel Cake- chocolate cake, caramel mousse, chocolate buttercream then drizzled with caramel 

Raspberry Almond Cake- almond cake, raspberry jam and raspberry buttercream 

Sangria Cake- vanilla cake with fruit, soaked in red wine, raspberry jam and a red wine buttercream with more fruit 

S'mores Cake- chocolate cake, marshmallow, chocolate ganache, toasted marshmallow and graham cracker crumbs 

Strawberry Crunch Cake- strawberry cake, fresh strawberries, whipped cream and strawberry crunch on boarder 

Strawberry Shortcake - Vanilla cake with fresh strawberries and whip cream filling, whip cream frosting topped with fresh strawberries

Snickers cake-Chocolate cake with peanut mousse filling with caramel and roasted peanuts,caramel buttercream drizzled with ganache 

Strawberry Lime Margarita Cake- lime cake, lime curd infused with vodka with strawberry buttercream and sprinkled with coconut 

Tiramisu Cake- vanilla cake soaked in coffee syrup, coffee mousse and whipped cream


White- $5.00                               Honey Whole Wheat- $5.25

Cinnamon Raisin- $5.50             Chocolate Babka- $9.50

Harvest- $6.00                            Challah- $5.75

Country Rye- $6.50                     Brioche Burger Buns- $4.50 1/2 dozen

Marble Rye- $6.00                       Caraway Rye- $5.50

Sourdough- $6.50                        Baguette- $2.00

Sesame Baguette- $2.50             Italian Loaf- $6.00

Sesame Italian Loaf- $6.50          Semolina- $6.50

Multigrain Rolls- $1.00 each       Dinner Rolls- $2.50 1/2 dozen/ $5.00 dozen

Ciabatta Rolls- $4.00 1/2 dozen   Sub Rolls- $4.00 1/2 dozen 

Focaccia- $6.50                            Multigrain Loaf- $6.50

Gluten Free

White Loaf- $10.99                        Focaccia- $13.99

Cinnamon Raisin- $13.99              Multigrain- $13.99

Holiday Breads

Irish Soda Bread-$6.50 (GF)-$9.50

Easter Challah- $9.50

Hot Cross Buns- 6 for $10.00

Brioche Dinner Rolls- $2.50 1/2 dozen or $5.00 dozen 

Christmas Panettone- $18.00 (GF)- $25.00 (VG)- $21.00