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We offer private parties for kids Ages 5 and up!

                    Minimum 10-kids Max-12

Extras & Add Ins:

· Tour of the Bakery

· Picture Time

· Singing Happy Birthday

· Cutting and Eating Cake 

(Not Included in the Price)

(Price on Size & Design)

· Food Brought in

(We Do Not Supple Paper Good or Drinks)

· Brought in Games

· Goodie Bags—Cookies/ Katie Kakes (price depends on selection)

· Hats & Aprons to Decorate

(Not Included in Price)  $10 / Child

Party Themes & Ideas:

· Donut / Ice Cream / Cupcakes

· Unicorn/ Sprinkles/ Flowers/  Hearts

· Animals—Dogs, Cats, Zoo

· Dance/ Gymnastics

· Sports—Soccer, Baseball, Basketball

· Character—Disney, Super Heros

· Games— Minecraft, Mario Brothers

· Holidays—Valentines Day, Christmas

(Not Limited to)

Party Options:

1 Hour—$35.00 /Child

2 Hours—$60.00 / Child

Party A Includes:

· Roll & Decorate Sugar Cookies

· Decorating Cupcakes

· Learning to Make Fondant Pieces

Party B Includes:

· Cut, Fill, & Decorate a Cake

· Learning to Make Fondant Pieces

Please Call or Email for all party inquires!

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