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Local Ingredients. Local Taste. Pure Happiness.


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Our Story

Culinary Institute of America graduate and Hudson Valley native, Katlynn VanZandt was born with a dream to launch her own bakery. Thanks to a loving and supportive family she is now living that dream. To Katie, her passion for family and baking is boundless. Her aspiration is to share that love with the community through her delectable desserts. Katie Rose Bakery aims to provide the highest possible customer service and create desserts for all no matter the dietary restriction.


Katlynn’s exposure to business and enthusiasm for baking all started at an incredibly young age. Rearing from a family of entrepreneurs, Katlynn was surrounded by a driven group of individuals. From her grandfather all through her aunts and uncles, and even her parents; from construction to restaurants, law firms, and daycares. Business is laced deeply within Katie’s veins. Growing up in a large family, of course, also meant exhilarating family gatherings centered around quality time and a giant meal followed by copious amounts of desserts. With those moments came discussions of business models, expansions, and the like, instilling in Katie a knowledge and desire to build a successful business of her own. When asked what her biggest takeaway was from her upbringing she stated, “When you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work.”

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